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Supreme Avant-Garde Death

Metal from the Netherlands

This world is an absurd and an obscene place. There’s no doubt about that. And the music (if you can call it that) of The Monolith Deathcult is designed to reflect this.

You want massive, saw-toothed riffs capable of biting through concrete? You’ve got ‘em! You want blastbeats capable of levelling buildings? Well then step right up! Ripping solos? Check! Humongous grooves? Double-check! Vocals that rage and roar like an open furnace? Triple-check, with a cherry on top!

Ostentatious, Wagnerian orchestration? Well... Pulsing, throbbing electronica? Wait a second... Chanting choirs, menacing robotic vocals, pretentious voice-overs, and a plethora of film quotes taken wildly out of context? Ok, now you’ve just gone too far...

Their songs are about real events, real people... real horror... from the occult obsessions of Himmler and the SS (“The Furious Gods”) to the terrible atrocities committed by the Red Army under Stalin (“This Inhuman Place Makes Human Monsters”)... plus the occasional track about secret Nazi time-travel machines (“Die Glocke”).

From left to right: Michiel Dekker (guitars, vocals), Robin Kok (bass, lead vocals), Carsten Altena (guitars, synths)

What is “Supreme Avant-Garde Death Metal” you ask? It’s the unholy fusion of Morbid Angel, Ministry, and My Dying Bride. It’s a rejection of convention and a refusal to conform. It’s the fretripping technicality of Cryptopsy and the OTT- brutality of Nile melded with the cybernetic grooves of Thorns and Mysticum, along with a hefty helping of shamelessly symphonic swagger akin to early Cradle of Filth and latter-day Septic Flesh. It’s all things, to all men, and it’s set to take over the world. 




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