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 Praying Mantis

 Tino Troy – guitar/vocals

Chris Troy – bass/vocals

Andy Burgess – guitar/vocals

John “Jaycee” Cuijpers – lead vocals

Hans in ‘t Zandt – drums/percussion/vocals


Praying Mantis are a rock band from the UK. They were formed in 1973 in London by brothers Tino Troy and Chris Troy.

 Last year, the band celebrated 35 years since the release of their iconic album `Time Tells No Lies`. Lauded as a classic with its catchy, unforgettable melodies and lush vocal harmonies, it is one of the few albums of its kind that has stood the test of time. Together with tracks from their 2015 Frontier Records release `Legacy`, which received amazing reviews worldwide, these will form the main basis of their live set. 

 The band delivers a unique experience with songs that have not, until recently, been played since 1982. The energy, power and production will take the audience back and forth from 1981 to the current day, giving incredible nostalgia as well as showcasing new material.  Their new album is well on the way and scheduled for release in April 2018.

 With the resurgence in interest of the NWOBHM movement, who better than one of the top 10 bands of its time and this genre to deliver the goods



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