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OSTROGOTH  is a Belgian old school heavy metal act that is originally active in the 1980's, specifically 1980 - 1988, at which point they break up. The band is founded  by drummer Grizzly and bass player BroncoOSTROGOTH released 2 EP’s, FULL MOON’S EYES and a compilation If it’s loud we’re proud in 1983,  three full-length albums in this time, ECSTASY AND DANGER, in 1984 TOO HOT, in 1985 and FEELINGS OF FURY  (with Juno Martins and Peter Dewint), in 1987. They split in 1988. Former guitarist and main composer Hans van de Kerckhove, who left the band in 1986, dies of heart failure in 1989. 

OSTROGOTH  briefly reunites in 2002 (and release a  20th Mausoleum anniversary live album, together with Killer and special guest Doro) before splitting again, and later reform a second time in 2010. The famous Keep it True Festival in Germany in 2012 sounds the bells for a successful return on the stages ((with new singer Josey Hindrix and guitarist Dario Frodo). In 2015 they release a new album, LAST TRIBE STANDING (with guitarist Dario Frodo and Kurk Lawless). Guitarist Rudy Vercruysse dies of cancer shortly before the album's release. Meanwhile they play a lot of gigs abroad and install a vast tribe of fans. Plans to conquer South America and other metal countries would be their  greatest goal. They are also working on new material. In 2021, OSTROGOTH will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the release/ distribution  of their first ever official studio demo recording !



Mario "Grizzly" Pauwels  - Drums, Percussion  

Josey Hindrix  - Lead Vocals 

Gerry Verstreken  -  Bass

Fré Ost  -  Guitar

Bram Engelen  -  Guitar



1983  -  Full Moon's Eyes (EP)

1983  -  If It's loud We're Proud (Compilation)

1984  -  Ecstasy & Danger

1985  -  Too Hot

1987  -  Feelings Of Fury

2002  -  20th Anniversary Mausoleum (Concept Album)

2015  -  Last Tribe Standing







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