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BLEEDING GODS not only made a name for themselves in their homecountry but received lots of positive feedback especially for their live shows at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, the Antwerp Metal Fest or the Stonehenge Festival from important representatives of the press such as the Aardschok Magazine (NL), Amped Up (BE) or the Ghost Cult Magazine.

Their fan base also includes famous metal acts such as SEPTICFLESH, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, NILE or EPICA and MAYAN.

The band was founded in 2012 when guitarist Ramon Ploeg started to write an album after he had left the Dutch death metal band HOUWITSER. Ramon, who wanted to fulfill his dream of an own band wrote some basic demo songs that were groovy, heavy, thrashy and even classical. When the pre-production demo was finished, the time was right to look for people to join in and he contacted some fellow metal-musicians he has met in the past years on several festivals, club shows and tours. The former bands of his band colleagues at that time were (technical) death metal bands so the challenge to do something different this time was really attractive!

After a few rehearsals, BLEEDING GODS recorded their 4-track promo entitled »Blood Symphony« in 2013. The lyrical theme was about ancient gods and history like the Mayans, ancient Egypt and Greek gods. With the pre-production demo, BLEEDING GODS got worldwide endorsement deals with ENGL-Amps and Serpent King Guitars (SKG) and the demo was soon sold out.

In 2014, BLEEDING GODS signed for their debut album »Shepherd Of Souls« with Punishment 18 Records and got worldwide awesome reviews, even today!

One year later, the turning point was there: New line up, new songs, new concept, new album! BLEEDING GODS renewed their line up and are now stronger than ever! After their debut »Shepherd Of Souls«, the band knows exactly which band they want to be and the band created a brand-new concept.

The result will be presented very soon when in January 2018 their sophomore album »Dodekathlon« will be released. More info on the new album will follow!

Bleeding Gods =
Mark Huisman (Vocals)
Ramon Ploeg (Guitar)
Rutger van Noordenburg (Guitar)
Yessica Otten (Bass)
Daan Klemann (Drums)



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