First Dutch metal band Picture to re-start with Peter Strykes.

Holland's oldest metal band Picture announces that they will pick up where they left of before the corona restrictions, but with new singer and old friend Peter Strykes.

Years ago, Peter already proved to be the perfect fit when he replaced Picture’s singer at a performance in Portugal when the band was temporarily without frontman.

The relationship between Peter and the band has always been close and this way Picture can show their gratitude towards Peter for his efforts as well.

Peter Strykes has more than earned his stripes in the rock business with bands like VandenBerg, Horizon and 1ST AVENUE. From 1ST AVENUE the 2CDs have even been released worldwide.

To warm up the fans for the Picture performances, normally starting again from the end of October onwards, Peter has recorded the title track of Picture’s 2019 released studio album WINGS with his own unique vocals on it.

Together with Peter, Picture will again provide their familiar fireworks, in a way only Picture can.